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Patrick Robinson

Owner / Operator

Patrick hails from Southern Indiana moving to Ohio in the late 90’s. Patrick brought Steelhead Alley Outfitters to market with Greg Senyo back in 2007 and has been with the company since day one as a guide service.  Patrick keeps his hands busy in all aspects of the business.  When he isn’t in the office or guiding locally, he can be found hosting trips to destinations abroad.  Patrick is an accomplished writer, photographer and fly tyer with numerous accolades to his name.  Patrick resides with his wife Elisabeth, and his hunting companions Drake and Maverick, just east of Cleveland in the heart of it all.  When he isn’t busy fishing, he can be found in the local marshes where his other passion lies as an avid waterfowler.  Clients can be certain that when they fish with Patrick they will fish with experience mixed with a twist of adventure! 


Nate Coho.jpg

Nate Miller

Guide Coordinator

Nate is a native of Northeast Ohio, growing up close to the Grand River and the surrounding areas that inherently lent themselves to the pursuit of steelhead and smallmouth bass in and around Lake Erie and its’ tributaries.   Nate began his guiding career in 2004 while working on a degree in business from Cleveland State University.  Since the completion of that degree, he has gone on to become a registered nurse.  His schedule allows him to put time in on the water to keep a pulse on the local fishery.  Nate’s days on the water are more than a day at work.  Being a husband and father, he understands and has experienced himself the bonds and memories that can be created during a day of fishing.  Nate promotes conservation through his affiliation with local metro parks, and is a steward of our resources and just plain loves to put fish in the net!      


Rob Huffman

Rob was born and raised in Northeast Ohio just a short walk from one of Steelhead Alley's finest tributaries where he has devoted much of his time to pursuing every fish species in the area with a special focus on Lake Erie’s Smallmouth Bass, Freshwater

Drum, and Steelhead. Rob is passionate about treating our Great Lakes and waterways with respect and conserving the abundant and healthy populations of game fish it is blessed with.  To that end, you will regularly find him packing out more trash than he brings with him on any given fishing trip.  When Rob isn’t

targeting river fish with a fly rod you will find him running up and down the near-shores of Lake Erie in his orange 18’ deep V aluminum Fishing Machine throwing a combination of fly and spinning gear at trophy sized Smallmouth Bass and giant Freshwater Drum.   Rob believes that nature is the best place to create a lasting memory and will do everything he can to provide

you with a great experience on the water.


Aaron Chine

Aaron was born and raised in Northeast Ohio.  As a kid, he loved catching walleye on Lake Erie with his dad and pond-hopping for bass. While fishing the creeks of Western Pennsylvania, he fell in love with trout fishing and tying flies and thus his love for fly fishing was launched. Aaron continued refining his fly fishing skills while he pursued his other passion, art.   Aaron eventually became a well-known tattoo artist and painter, opening his own tattoo shop and art gallery in 2007 and expanding in 2014.  If you ever get to spend some time on the water with Aaron, you’ll come to appreciate his love for the sport as he sees something special in every fish brought to the net. When Aaron’s not in the shop, he can be found all across the Alley targeting Steelhead on the fly and learning the next best thing or species worth pursuing!  Keep your eyes peeled as Aaron's love for art and fly fishing are sure to collide soon and find their way to SAO swag.  And it should be noted that Aaron's love for art and fly fishing can only be eclipsed by one thing... his wife and young son Louis who he hopes to have on the streams with him very soon!  

Rob IMG_2646_edited.png

Rob Pitts

Rob is a native of Northeast Ohio and has spent most of his life chasing fish on Lake Erie and the tributaries alike. After high school Rob enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps.  Between his deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, Rob expanded his knowledge of fishing by chasing Ulua, Mullet and even shark in the salt. Upon returning home to Ohio, the gift of fly fishing was shared with him. Little did he know, fly fishing would become his heartbeat and change his life forever. Fly fishing has become a boundless passion that he loves to share with anyone he can. Rob currently lives near the banks of the Grand River and takes every opportunity he can to enjoy his passion for chasing fish on the fly. When not fly fishing, Rob can be found tying flies, teaching his wife and three boys the art of fly fishing, and always preparing for his next time on the water. As a guide, Rob enjoys sharing time with novice fishermen and loves to teach others the fundamentals, ethics and values that are traditionally associated with fly fishing. Rob takes pride in guiding and sharing his passion and knows that his clients will enjoy their time spent on the water together. 

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Nathan Merchant

Nathan is a true native, born and raised in Northeast Ohio.  He's been passionate about fishing since he was a young child.  Growing up he found himself obsessed with bass fishing and targeting them in any water he could find, pressured or not.  Whether pond hopping, kayaking creeks, or making trips to Canada, his love for fishing only grew.  He started fly fishing for bass right out of high school and then started chasing trout in one of the few trout streams in Ohio.  Not long after, he was invited by a friend to go chase steelhead and that secured his love for those fish as well.   Nathan has spent the last handful of years building his experience as a professional fly fishing guide in Wyoming during his summers, and while home he has been honing his skills for Great Lakes steelhead and just about any other species he can find.  His true joy and passion is showing others the beauty of nature and fishing. Other than fishing he enjoys camping, hiking, hunting and visiting national parks. Nathan pursued a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with an interest in Ecotherapy. No matter what type of water or species, it’s nearly impossible to get him off the water, and he looks forward to spending time on the

water with you.


Cole Handerhan

Cole is a western PA native whose love for fly fishing is rivaled only by his passion for telling stories through video. Cole is the creative director at On The Fly Media, a production company specializing in outdoor content. He grew up camping and fishing throughout Pennsylvania, and feels most at home on the bank of a trout stream with a camera in his hands. Cole started making videos when he was still in elementary school, “borrowing” his family’s camcorder and taking it on adventures in the backyard. Today, Cole is Steelhead Alley Outfitters’ primary digital content creator, highlighting adventures on the Alley and beyond. Cole has a decade of experience fly fishing the tributaries of Lake Erie and enjoys fly fishing in all forms.  He has worked as a fishing guide, cameraman, and news producer since graduating from Ithaca College in 2017. When he's not behind the lens or on the Alley, Cole is usually exploring the Pittsburgh area where he lives with his wife Analise and their german shepherd, Millie.


Join Us

At Steelhead Alley Outfitters, we are always on the lookout for good people who can help to service the clientele that we have worked to build over the years.  As our business grows, so too does our need for infrastructure and organization.  If interested, inquire below.

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